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In light of the numerous data breaches and Facebook’s mishandling of personal information, many of us would agree that our current generation has lost the war on personal data privacy. With the explosion of cryptocurrencies and the advent of central bank digital currencies, we are facing an uphill battle for our financial privacy. Bitcoin evangelist Marty Bent said, “money is dictated as free speech.” The freedom to do as you wish with your money is fundamental to free speech. Returning to the original intent of a currency for the people of the world, privacy-focused cryptocurrencies are the best option.

Pirate Chain is a digital currency designed with the mission to protect financial privacy, and we would like to invite you to join us in our movement.

As the closest iteration of cash, Pirate Chain is the best form of digital currency available to date. Pirate Chain is the first cryptocurrency to implement a mandatory, private-only usage of the strongest and most highly acclaimed privacy protocol in the industry, zk-SNARKs (Zero Knowledge-Succinct Non-interactive Argument of Knowledge). All wallet addresses are by default invisible to the public, as are all transactions. This information is only available to the transacting parties who retain the power to opt out of privacy by revealing the transaction ID as proof of transaction. Hence, Pirate Chain turns the privacy industry on its head and returns the power of privacy to users by empowering them with the option to opt-out.

Pirate Chain was fairly launched after a public announcement. No coins were premined and there was no private sale. Pirate Chain is staffed by a team of dedicated international volunteers. Unlike most cryptocurrency projects, Pirate Chain doesn't levy a tax on the mining rewards to fund the project.

Now is the time we ask you to stand for privacy and stand with Pirate Chain.

We believe it IS possible to achieve financial privacy for everyone. Your support makes this mission a reality. In 2021, we are taking some big steps, including:

  • Building a privacy-based point of sale system for merchants to accept payments in a private manner akin to spending cash
  • Providing more support to our community of volunteers in their efforts to raise awareness of personal financial privacy
  • Upgrading the core code to integrate compliance with the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) protocol for increased data transfer encryption
  • Continue our work in privacy protocol development and upgrading the core code to Pirate Chain.

Pirate Chain is a grassroots community project, and your support at this time is critical for our success. Your Financial Privacy Today, Is Your Freedom Tomorrow. Donate today and protect your financial privacy.

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