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Total nodes: 10012

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Latest consensus rules

Nodes not signalling SegWit support considered as not following the latest rule set as they don't fully validate the blockchain.

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Node versions:

User agent In consensus? Count
/Satoshi:0.17.0/ ? 2284
/Satoshi:0.16.3/ YES 1644
/Satoshi: ? 973
/Satoshi:0.15.1/ YES 895
/Satoshi:0.14.99/ YES 870
/Satoshi:0.16.0/ YES 776
/Satoshi:0.16.2/ YES 384
/Satoshi:0.13.2/ YES 358
/Satoshi:0.16.1/ YES 192
/Satoshi:0.14.2/ YES 187
/Satoshi:0.17.99/ ? 186
/Satoshi:0.12.1(bitcore)/ NO 145
/Satoshi: YES 139
/Satoshi:0.16.99/ YES 117
/Satoshi:0.14.1/ YES 56
/Satoshi:0.12.1/ NO 53
/Satoshi:0.15.0/ YES 45
/Satoshi:0.13.1/ YES 42
/Satoshi:0.14.0/ YES 31
/Satoshi:0.15.99/ YES 29