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Blocks: 679,806
Transactions: 635,272,612

Txs per second: 0.00

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 110.21 Eh/s
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Blocks: 12,271,665
Transactions: 1,093,630,815

Txs per second: 5.57

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Ethash): 544.39 Th/s
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Ledgers: 63,007,641
24h transactions: 176,387

Unconfirmed txs: 59
Txs per second: 2.04

Latest ledger: a few seconds ago
Volume 24h: 219,812,758 XRP
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Blocks: 2,037,671
Transactions: 67,465,011

Txs per second: 1.58

Latest block: 3 minutes ago
Hashrate (Scrypt): 319.79 Th/s
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Blocks: 684,108
Transactions: 324,748,207

Txs per second: 3.72

Latest block: 8 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 2.04 Eh/s
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Blocks: 5,611,810
Transactions: 6,339,067

Current epoch: 260
Current slot: 327,755

Latest block: a few seconds ago
24h transactions: 39,753
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Ledgers: 35,006,205
24h transactions: 2,045,516

Operations 24h: 2,967,585
Txs per second: 23.67

Latest ledger: 12 minutes ago
Failed txs 24h: 1,074,438
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Blocks: 683,601
Transactions: 602,893,514

Txs per second: 1.03

Latest block: 21 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 0.88 Eh/s
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Blocks: 0

RAM allocated: 8 GB / 23 GB 33%
EOS staked: 423М / 1,029М 41.10%

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Latest producer: eoseouldotio
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Blocks: 2,342,858
Transactions: 12,919,032

Unconfirmed txs: 74
Txs per second: 0.21

Latest block: 6 minutes ago
Hashrate (RandomX): 2.44 Gh/s
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Blocks: 1,435,995
Operations: 45,172,338

Operations 24h: 116,937
Volume 24h: 18,572,532 XTZ

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Txs per second: 1.35
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Blocks: 1,457,158
Transactions: 35,128,999

Txs per second: 0.63

Latest block: 2 minutes ago
Hashrate (X11): 5.47 Ph/s
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Blocks: 1,220,755
Transactions: 8,350,602

Txs per second: 0.15

Latest block: 5 minutes ago
Hashrate (Equihash): 7.33 Gs/s
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Blocks: 3,694,982
Transactions: 74,065,381

Txs per second: 0.98

Latest block: 2 minutes ago
Hashrate (Scrypt): 327.32 Th/s
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Blocks: 682,766
Transactions: 296,960,872

Txs per second: 0.02

Latest block: 4 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 0.06 Eh/s
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Snapshots: 66,644,311
24h transactions: 400,000

Latest snapshot: a few seconds ago
Txs per second: 4.63
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Blocks: 3,553,413
Transactions: 4,658,353

Txs per second: 0.00

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Groestl): 45.84 Th/s
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