Blockchair Browser Extension
Access real-time cryptocurrency prices, search
data in 17 blockchains, and track your portfolio,
completely anonymously, in your browser
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Real-time prices
Access real-time cryptocurrency prices in the extension.
Monitor the price of your favorite crypto in the extension badge.
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Portfolio tracker
Set the anonymous portfolio tracker and monitor the value of your crypto investments, completely anonymously.
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Blockchain search browser
Browser transactions, addresses, blocks, and embedded text data,
across 17 blockchains, as you would on the Blockchair’s website.
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Default explorer
Set Blockchair as a default block explorer and transform addresses
and transactions into clickable links, on all sites.
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Beginning September 10th we will start using a 3rd party provider to filter our traffic. Neither we nor them store access logs for longer than needed to filter out certain network attacks. To achieve 100% privacy we recommend using the Tor Browser. Our Privacy Policy.