Blockchair has already been providing the function of data extraction. This resource allows you even more: to download our database dumps updated daily. The total amount of data available is over 800 Gb (compressed)!

Here's the list of available dumps:

  • Bitcoin / Blocks
  • Bitcoin / Transactions
  • Bitcoin / Inputs
  • Bitcoin / Outputs
  • Bitcoin Cash / Blocks
  • Bitcoin Cash / Txns
  • Bitcoin Cash / Inputs
  • Bitcoin Cash / Outputs
  • Bitcoin SV / Blocks
  • Bitcoin SV / Transactions
  • Bitcoin SV / Inputs
  • Bitcoin SV / Outputs
  • Dogecoin / Blocks
  • Dogecoin / Transactions
  • Dogecoin / Inputs
  • Dogecoin / Outputs
  • Litecoin / Blocks
  • Litecoin / Transactions
  • Litecoin / Inputs
  • Litecoin / Outputs

Our dumps are available here:, field descriptions are available here:

Right now we're testing this feature and it is free. You can download 1 file at a time and the speed is limited to 1 megabyte per second. If you are a business or an academia/non-profit organisation that requires a higher speed, please contact us at <>.

Feel free to use our API as well. It allows to filter and sort samples and get aggregated data (for example, the average fee for transaction grouped by day or month) without downloading the entire set.