You save 30% compared to competitors and gain up to 56% more data with us!

All plans allow access to all 41 featured blockchains. Choose the package based on the anticipated amount of calls and preferred period of use.

For conducting research and high-load testing.
Get a one-time-key for your short-term project
USD 1,000 calls
Set amount of calls with 1-year expiry
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Basic email support
  • Blocked when limit reached
For developers running bigger scripts, blockchain
startups with the growing user-base
USD 1,000 calls
Monthly subscription
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Basic email support
  • Blocked when daily limit reached
Enterprise Best value
Ideal for wallets, exchanges, and startups that
reached the growth phase
USD 1,000 calls
Monthly subscription
  • Dedicated infrastructure and SLA
  • Priority Telegram support
  • Occasionally go over the limit
Custom API Plan
— for big market players
Set up your own rules and requirements
Request a call
  • Need more than 100,000 calls per day?
  • Have specific requirements for your business?
  • Need the dedicated support channel with our specialists?
Data Dumps
In need of Data Dumps or Full Node Dumps?

Daily Data Dumps and Full Node Dumps are not included in the API plans. Daily Dumps can be downloaded 1 file at a time and the speed is limited to 10 kB/s. Contact us if you need a higher speed limit. We offer high-speed downloading keys as a premium feature. Learn more

Used by leading
educational institutions
Blockchair API
for GitHub Students
The best developer tools in one place for students
via GitHub Student Developer Pack
Set amount of calls with 1-year expiry
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Basic email support
  • Blocked when limit reached
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Try the API for a few days with the limit of 1,000 calls per day and explore its incredible capabilities.
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Client testimonials
Sean Prescott
Founder & Executive Chairman
UniCrypt provides a highly secure and regulated universal crypto vault and management platform for retail and institutional clients alike.

It’s paramount to be able to deliver fast and reliable blockchain data for account balances, transactions, analytics and forensics to our clients - no matter how complex and detail-rich.

Blockchair elegantly helps by providing us with a multitude of connectivity and query options that let us tailor and aggregate meaningful data in a way that lets us provide the best product in class for traders, custodians, exchanges and private investors at blazing fast speeds and reliability
Alexander Schevchenko
Chief Product Officer
Savl is the first community-based ecosystem for Digital Assets exchange. Transaction history upload speed had to be quick so our system could match users needs. We use Blockchair services to monitor and display clients' balances, promptly get transaction history and count unspent outputs for Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies.
Philip Borshell
CS Engineer
Blockchair is miles ahead of the competition. Their robust set of API's give us all of the data that we need to run our business plus more. The "stats" API endpoint we use to compare our block importers and explorers to ensure that our services are up to date, and we use the public web-based explorers to link to from our wallet. The level of service and support from the Blockchair team is almost unheard of in the crypto-space and we couldn't be more happy with the collaboration and accomodation efforts of the Blockchair team with us.
Thomas Fritzen
Chief Solution Architect
Bitcoin Suisse
Bitcoin Suisse Denmark ApS. is using the Blockchair API to gather information about transactions and balances on multiple blockchains. The API has proven robust and well performant, with high accuracy. Their coverage of blockchains are broad and have a good match with many blockchains we support. We consider Blockchair an important part of our crypto infrastructure.
James Huang
Vice President, Product Management
SecuX is a military-grade hardware wallet provider. Our wallets have built-in secure elements to protect users' various crypto assets. With Blockchair's stable and high-performance API service, we can quickly add new coins' support, and users can effectively view balances and make transactions.
Plans and subscriptions
Frequently asked questions
What can i do with Blockchair API?
Here are some examples of what you can build using our API:
  • A wallet supporting multiple blockchains (request transaction, address, xpub data, and also broadcast transactions)
  • An analytical service showing some blockchain stats and visualizations
  • A service tracking the integrity of yours or your customers’ cold wallets
  • A solid academic research
  • Some fun stuff, like finding the first Bitcoin block over 1 megabyte in size
How do you manage the private API keys?
We never store your API keys. When you receive the API key you will also get a support PIN with which we can identify your API usage. Never share your API key with anyone!

In case you have lost your API key, contact our support.
What kinds of payment do you accept?
At the moment we only accept payments via PayPal. We are working hard on implementing the credit/debit card checkouts as well. In specific cases, we accept payments by cryptocurrency. Please contact us if you are not able to purchase an API key with PayPal.
Do you allow yearly billing?
Monthly plans require payments for prolongation of the API key each month. In case you would like to pay for a few months in advance, please contact us. We do not allow yearly billing for the monthly plans.

When you purchase a pay-as-you-go key, it will automatically be valid for 1 year.
How do I upgrade my account?
Each API key is purchased for a specific amount of calls. In case you need a higher API limit, we suggest purchasing a bigger package or contacting us to discuss a custom plan for your business needs.
Is the API subscription auto-renewed?
At the moment we don’t provide auto-renewal for monthly plans. We hope to implement auto-renewal in the nearest future. We do send expiry reminder emails with the link to the control panel where you can prolong your subscription each month. If you wish to pay for a few months in advance, please contact us.

Pay-as-you-go keys are automatically valid for 1 year.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Our pricing plans are set in a manner that does not require a subscription cancelation procedure. If you purchased a pay-as-you-go key, it means you have bought a specific amount of API calls that will be valid for 1 year.

Our monthly plans are not auto-renewed. If you have purchased a monthly subscription, it will be active for 1 month. In case you don’t prolong it once it expires, your API key will be blocked and no funds will be retrieved from you. We will send you a reminder email to prolong the subscription several days before expiration.
How do I prolong my monthly subscription?
Several days before your subscription expires you will receive an email from us with the link to prolong the API subscription.

Steps to prolong your monthly API subscription:
  • Go to
  • Enter your secret API key into the “Enter or paste your API key to prolong it” form and click on "Continue".
  • Choose an option from the "Extend your subscription" menu. Once you've purchased a one-time extension password, enter it into the "I've already got an extension password" form and click "Continue".
If you experience any problems, please contact our support team via e-mail:
Frequently asked questions
Which blockchains are supported in the API?
Our API supports 18 blockchains (16 mainnets and 2 testnets):
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin, Dash, Groestlcoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Testnet
  • Ethereum, Ethereum Testnet
  • Ripple (limited data)
  • Stellar (limited data)
  • Monero
  • Cardano
  • Mixin
  • Tezos
  • EOS (limited data)
We aim to support more blockchains (and their testnets) in the future to cover as many users as possible. We don't disclose which blockchains we'll add next and how we choose them, but our main markers are the daily number of real transactions and market capitalization.

If you're representing a coin’s community that would like to add its blockchain to our platform, reach out to us, we’d love to talk.
What happens when you hit your daily limit?
The limits and restrictions vary by the plan type:
Free (Testing) plan:
Once you go over the limit, your IP-address will be blocked from using the free API.
For Pay-as-you-go keys:
The API key does not have daily limits. Once the purchased limit is reached the API key will be blocked.
For Monthly Specialist plans:
The API key has daily limits. Once the limit is reached the API key will be blocked from requesting until the next day.
For Monthly Enterprise and Custom plans:
We do not directly block you from making more requests than indicated in the plans, so your product won't be left without the data. Once you go over the limit consistently, we will contact you to discuss an optimization of your request points made, or an increase in the API limit.
Are there any rate limits?
We impose a soft limit of 5 requests per second on both free and paid plans. This limit is applied only if we experience a very high load on our servers, and it's turned on and off manually by our admins. In case you hit this limit, an error 435 will be returned.

There's an additional hard limit of 30 requests/min. on the free plan.
Is every query counted as 1?
The majority of queries are counted as 1. Some queries, such as batch queries for blocks, transactions, addresses, and mass address balance checks have a higher request count.

The full Request Cost information can be found here.
Do you support the full history for all featured blockchains?
We support the full history for all blockchains, except XRP, XLM, and EOS. To find out the block ranges, please use this endpoint.
Where can I find the Terms of Service?
The Terms of Service can be found here.