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Wallet Statements

Discover wallet statements — your go-to solution for in-depth reports on your address holdings for any timeframe. Make your tax reporting and accounting less of a hassle with tailored insights for simplified tax reporting, easy declaration, effortless accounting. Enjoy seamless sharing with versatile formats.

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Everything you need at once

Explore detailed transaction history

Dive into the details of your transactions - with timestamps, amounts in both cryptocurrency and USD, and unique transaction hashes.

Screenshot of example wallet statement transaction history

View balance summary

Get a quick snapshot of your crypto holdings, tracking changes over time with clear starting and ending balances for each statement period.

Screenshot of example wallet statement balance summary

Add multiple addresses and/or XPUBs

Acquire a comprehensive overview of your portfolio in a single statement by incorporating multiple addresses and/or XPUBs from various blockchains.

Screenshot of both an ethereum and bitcoin address within the example wallet statement

Check the validity of the statement

Ensure the authenticity of your statement effortlessly by scanning the QR code, providing a secure verification of your wallet statement's integrity.

Screenshot of a QR code for verifying the example wallet statement

Versatile formats for every user and need.


For general users

A PDF ensures a universally accepted and professionally formatted document that is ideal for printing, sharing, and archiving. It maintains the visual integrity of the report, making it a preferred choice for official documentation.


For accountants

A standard .CSV format is suitable for users who want a tabular representation of their data. Accountants often prefer .CSV for its compatibility with various spreadsheet tools, allowing for easy import and analysis.

CSV Extended

For analysts and researchers

Advanced .CSV format, with additional data fields, provides the detailed information needed for in-depth analysis and research, making it suitable for professionals who require a comprehensive understanding of data.