Blockchair Updates

18 de agosto de 2021

API Changelog v.2.0.85

Enhancements to the Bitcoin-like and Ethereum-like dashboards

  • Enhancements to the Ethereum transaction dashboard ({:eth_chain}/dashboards/transaction/{:hash}) for unconfirmed transactions. Please note that these values are not final and may change as transactions get confirmed: tracing unconfirmed transactions doesn't take possible changes to the state into account.
    • If the ?events=true option is used, API returns values for gas_used, fee, fee_usd instead of nulls
    • If the ?trace_mempool=true option is used, API returns values for internal_value and internal_value_usd instead of nulls
    • API still always returns null for failed

  • There's a new option for the Ethereum address dashboard ({:eth_chain}/dashboards/address/{:address}): ?transactions_instead_of_calls=true. If applied, it returns the list of latest transaction hashes in the transactions array instead of returning the calls array. An important difference is that ERC-20 transfers that weren't previously included in the calls array will be among transactions. This option also affects transaction_count behaviour: if enabled, it returns the transaction count for an address which takes ERC-20 transfers into account. Using this option costs 2. The option has no effect on contracts (i.e. for contracts the calls array will be returned even if the option is enabled).
  • The Ethereum stats dashboard ({:eth_chain}/stats) now also outputs addresses yielding the total number of addresses (including both accounts and contracts) ever seen on chain.
9 de agosto de 2021

API Changelog v.2.0.84

We have added support for the London hard fork to our API!

  • Added support for the Ethereum London hard fork. New table fields (for Ethereum and Ethereum Goerli Testnet):
    • Blocks:
      • base_fee_per_gas (queryable, sortable, aggregatable). Average base fee per day example:,avg(base_fee_per_gas)&q=id(12965000..)
      • burned_total (queryable, sortable, aggregatable). Examples:
        • Total ETH burned:,sum(burned_total)&q=id(12965000..)
        • Burned to minted ratio by day:,f(sum(burned_total)/sum(generation))&q=id(12965000..)
    • Uncles:
      • base_fee_per_gas (queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
    • Transactions:
      • effective_gas_price (queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • max_fee_per_gas (null for legacy transactions; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • max_priority_fee_per_gas (null for legacy transactions; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • base_fee_per_gas (base fee of the block; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • burned (calculated as gas_used * base_fee_per_gas; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
  • Added burned and burned_24h to the{:eth_chain}/stats dashboard
  • Added version field (queryable, aggregatable) to Ethereum transactions. 0 represents legacy transactions, 1 is for EIP-2718 transactions, 2 is for London transactions. In Ethereum terminology this is "type" instead of "version", but as we're already using "type" for another column, we decided to go with "version". Example:,count()&q=block_id(12965000..). Please note that for all transactions before block #12965000 it always returns 0, even for EIP-2718 transactions: this will be fixed in one of the next updates.
  • Added support for the Ethereum Berlin hard fork. Transactions now have an additional field called type_2718 (queryable) that represents transaction type as outlined in EIP-2718