Blockchair Updates


API Changelog v.2.0.85

Enhancements to the Bitcoin-like and Ethereum-like dashboards

  • Enhancements to the Ethereum transaction dashboard ({:eth_chain}/dashboards/transaction/{:hash}) for unconfirmed transactions. Please note that these values are not final and may change as transactions get confirmed: tracing unconfirmed transactions doesn't take possible changes to the state into account.
    • If the ?events=true option is used, API returns values for gas_used, fee, fee_usd instead of nulls
    • If the ?trace_mempool=true option is used, API returns values for internal_value and internal_value_usd instead of nulls
    • API still always returns null for failed

  • There's a new option for the Ethereum address dashboard ({:eth_chain}/dashboards/address/{:address}): ?transactions_instead_of_calls=true. If applied, it returns the list of latest transaction hashes in the transactions array instead of returning the calls array. An important difference is that ERC-20 transfers that weren't previously included in the calls array will be among transactions. This option also affects transaction_count behaviour: if enabled, it returns the transaction count for an address which takes ERC-20 transfers into account. Using this option costs 2. The option has no effect on contracts (i.e. for contracts the calls array will be returned even if the option is enabled).
  • The Ethereum stats dashboard ({:eth_chain}/stats) now also outputs addresses yielding the total number of addresses (including both accounts and contracts) ever seen on chain.

API Changelog v.2.0.84

We have added support for the London hard fork to our API!

  • Added support for the Ethereum London hard fork. New table fields (for Ethereum and Ethereum Goerli Testnet):
    • Blocks:
      • base_fee_per_gas (queryable, sortable, aggregatable). Average base fee per day example:,avg(base_fee_per_gas)&q=id(12965000..)
      • burned_total (queryable, sortable, aggregatable). Examples:
        • Total ETH burned:,sum(burned_total)&q=id(12965000..)
        • Burned to minted ratio by day:,f(sum(burned_total)/sum(generation))&q=id(12965000..)
    • Uncles:
      • base_fee_per_gas (queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
    • Transactions:
      • effective_gas_price (queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • max_fee_per_gas (null for legacy transactions; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • max_priority_fee_per_gas (null for legacy transactions; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • base_fee_per_gas (base fee of the block; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
      • burned (calculated as gas_used * base_fee_per_gas; queryable, sortable, aggregatable)
  • Added burned and burned_24h to the{:eth_chain}/stats dashboard
  • Added version field (queryable, aggregatable) to Ethereum transactions. 0 represents legacy transactions, 1 is for EIP-2718 transactions, 2 is for London transactions. In Ethereum terminology this is "type" instead of "version", but as we're already using "type" for another column, we decided to go with "version". Example:,count()&q=block_id(12965000..). Please note that for all transactions before block #12965000 it always returns 0, even for EIP-2718 transactions: this will be fixed in one of the next updates.
  • Added support for the Ethereum Berlin hard fork. Transactions now have an additional field called type_2718 (queryable) that represents transaction type as outlined in EIP-2718