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Blockchair API provides developers, researchers, and businesses with access to data contained in 14 blockchains. The API supports numerous analytical queries like filtering, sorting, and aggregating blockchain data with high uptime.

It doesn't get any better than this:

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Multicurrency wallets
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API characteristics
High Uptime
We run multiple infrastructures to guarantee the highest uptime on the market.
Rest API
An industry standard. Make the usual HTTP requests.
JSON response data format
Convenient to use in applications written in various programming languages.
Real-time data
For most blockchains we are running our own full nodes which guarantee you access to up-to-date data, always.
SQL-like queries
Filter, sort, offset, aggregate. Construct queries very similar to the SQL ones.
Free API testing plan
The plan allows you to test the API without the key with the daily limit of 1,000 calls.
Best prices
According to our clients we offer the best value for money. Both one-time and monthly payments are available!
No hard API limits
On our Enterprise plans you won’t be blocked from making requests if you hit the API limit.
One-on-one support
Have problems constructing a query or can’t find how to pull certain data? Our support team is ready to help you with all your questions.
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Client testimonials
Sean Prescott
Founder & Executive Chairman
UniCrypt provides a highly secure and regulated universal crypto vault and management platform for retail and institutional clients alike.

It’s paramount to be able to deliver fast and reliable blockchain data for account balances, transactions, analytics and forensics to our clients - no matter how complex and detail-rich.

Blockchair elegantly helps by providing us with a multitude of connectivity and query options that let us tailor and aggregate meaningful data in a way that lets us provide the best product in class for traders, custodians, exchanges and private investors at blazing fast speeds and reliability
Alexander Schevchenko
Chief Product Officer
Savl is the first community-based ecosystem for Digital Assets exchange. Transaction history upload speed had to be quick so our system could match users needs. We use Blockchair services to monitor and display clients' balances, promptly get transaction history and count unspent outputs for Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies.
Philip Borshell
CS Engineer
Blockchair is miles ahead of the competition. Their robust set of API's give us all of the data that we need to run our business plus more. The "stats" API endpoint we use to compare our block importers and explorers to ensure that our services are up to date, and we use the public web-based explorers to link to from our wallet. The level of service and support from the Blockchair team is almost unheard of in the crypto-space and we couldn't be more happy with the collaboration and accomodation efforts of the Blockchair team with us.
Thomas Fritzen
Chief Solution Architect
Bitcoin Suisse
Bitcoin Suisse Denmark ApS. is using the Blockchair API to gather information about transactions and balances on multiple blockchains. The API has proven robust and well performant, with high accuracy. Their coverage of blockchains are broad and have a good match with many blockchains we support. We consider Blockchair an important part of our crypto infrastructure.
James Huang
Vice President, Product Management
SecuX is a military-grade hardware wallet provider. Our wallets have built-in secure elements to protect users' various crypto assets. With Blockchair's stable and high-performance API service, we can quickly add new coins' support, and users can effectively view balances and make transactions.
Blockchains we support
$64,193.00 1%
Blokken 848,919 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 1,027,825,592 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 2 minuten geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 13.28 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$3,509.33 0%
Blokken 20,141,749 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 2,413,218,559 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 18 seconden geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$73.15 2%
Blokken 2,706,943 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 257,377,431 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 9 minuten geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 2.62 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$0.12 0%
Blokken 5,262,984 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 337,707,255 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 1 minuut geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0.32 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$163.44 3%
Blokken 3,176,279 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 3,176,278 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Onbevestigde txs 141 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Hashrate 3.07 Gh/s (RandomX) {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Bitcoin Cash
$385.92 1%
Blokken 851,185 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 393,731,130 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 21 minuten geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0.18 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$0.38 0%
Blokken 10,474,967 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 92,356,760 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 1 minuut geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0.47 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$5.69 0%
Blokken 21,315,378 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Extrinsieken 73,557,446 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 47 seconden geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Excentrieken per seconde 0.45 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$0.09 1%
Grootboeken 52,224,748 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste grootboek 39 seconden geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwe transacties 24u 3,104,768 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Succesvolle transacties 1,479,665 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$24.29 1%
Blokken 23,567,746 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Extrinsieken 82,655,386 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 1 week geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Excentrieken per seconde 0.30 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$0.000032 2%
Blokken 849,923 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 298,495,628 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 15 minuten geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$20.27 0%
Blokken 2,548,904 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 14,431,874 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 1 minuut geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0.05 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$23.85 1%
Blokken 2,091,962 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 53,327,285 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 5 minuten geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0.07 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
$0.31 2%
Blokken 5,141,332 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties 6,562,851 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Nieuwste blok 9 minuten geleden {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
Transacties per seconde 0 {{ Math.abs(change) }}%
We also provide data for over 280.000 ERC-20 tokens and the Omni Layer
* For these blockchains we don't support the full history
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