Verify Marlin POND / POND

Verify Marlin POND (POND)

With the continuous development of the Ethereum ecosystem there are currently over 300,000 ERC-20 tokens issued. As it’s a matter of minutes to deploy an ERC-20 smart-contract, it has also become a cumbersome process for users to understand which tokens are real and not fraudulous or duplicates.

We invite projects to verify the smart-contract address of their ERC-20 token and provide users with useful links about documentation, social media and a link to the smart-contract audit, if applicable.

Benefits for a project to verify their token with Blockchair:

  • A badge “Token verified by Blockchair” on the smart-contract page;
  • A verification badge in transaction and address pages, as well as ERC-20 tables;
  • The URL and social media links (optional) of your project on the smart-contract page.
Verify ERC-20 token with Blockchair

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