Blockchair Updates

25 octobre 2021

Blockchair website available in Japanese language

We are happy to announce that the best block explorer ever is now available in Japanese!

24 octobre 2021

Blockchair website available in Japanese language

  • ERC-20 and ERC-721 transfers are now ordered within transactions as they were executed
  • Added ?offset={:offset} option to the Cardano address endpoint ({:ada_chain}/raw/address/{:address}₀) that allows to paginate the list of latest transactions
18 octobre 2021

Added ERC-721 support for Ethereum blockchain

New endpoints and options:

  • infinitable (the output is the same as for ERC-20 except for there's no decimals).
  • infinitable (also no token_decimals, and token_id is used instead of value Examples:
    • Find most used contracts over the last month:,token_name,count()&s=count()(desc)&limit=10
    • Owner change history by token id:,token_id(5177)
    • Find tokens that changed hands many times:,token_id,count()&s=count()(desc)&limit=10
  • now yields statistical data on ERC-721s in the layer_2.erc_721 array: tokens is the total number of NFTs, transactions - the total number of transfers, tokens_24h - new NFTs over the last 24 hours, transactions_24h - token transfers over the last 24 hours
  • Find ERC-721 transfers inside of a transaction:{:hash}?erc_721=true. Example:
  • List ERC-721 tokens for an address:{:address}?erc_721=true.
    Example: This option lists token ids
  • ERC-721 contract dashboard:{:address}/stats.
  • ERC-721 contract inventory (token list):{:address}/inventory. Available params: ?limit={:limit} and ?offset={:offset}. Example: The list returns transaction_count, first_time (creation time), last_time (last ownership change time), first_owner, and last_owner (current owner).

Please note that some of popular NFTs may either not follow the ERC-721 standard at all or follow the ERC-20 standard instead. In the first case, our API won't return any data for such NFTs. In the second case, such contracts will be treated as ERC-20s. ERC-721 functionality is launched in beta mode, it's possible there will be compatibility-breaking changes. This functionality is available for the Goerli Testnet as well.

7 octobre 2021

We’ve launched 2 new stablecoin explorers for USDC and BUSD

In addition to the USDT explorer, now you can check USDC and BUSD circulation on each blockchain, and their latest transactions.

5 octobre 2021

We’ve launched a USDT stablecoin explorer

Check out the total amount USDT in circulation, how it’s divided per blockchain, and what the latest transactions are:

26 août 2021

Blockchair becomes the official explorer explorer is now powered by Blockchair! That means you'll get faster query results and powerful new block explorer features like the ability to search for embedded text data, enhanced filter options, and a privacy auditor for Bitcoin transactions.

23 août 2021

Added basic SLP support for Bitcoin Cash

New endpoints and options:

  • now yields statistical data on SLP in the layer_2.slp array: tokens is the total number of SLP tokens, transactions - the total number of SLP transfers, tokens_24h - new SLP tokens over the last 24 hours, transactions_24h - token transfers over the last 24 hours
  • Find SLP transfers inside of a transaction:{:hash}?slp=true. Example: (valid SEND transaction), (invalid MINT transaction`)
20 août 2021

API Changelog v.2.0.87

For all API requests, the context array now yields market_price_usd value. It contains the current USD price of the blockchain's main token in request. E.g. all requests show ZEC price in context.market_price_usd. For Ethereum, it's always the ETH price, even if some token data is requested. This change also deprecates context.price_usd for EOS and Tezos in favour of context.market_price_usd.

  • New number({:n}) function for aggregations that returns a number. It may be useful when you are too lazy to divide some values on your side, for example, when you're calculating the average interval between blocks in seconds:,f(number(86400)/count()). Our API can now also serve as your calculator for any needs:*number(2))&limit=1 returns 4.
  • Tweaked suggested_transaction_fee_per_byte_sat for Dogecoin (in to honour the minimum fee of 1 DOGE per transaction
  • The following Ethereum endpoints are now also available for Ethereum Goerli Testnet:
19 août 2021

API Changelog v.2.0.86

  • Error code 435 is now returned if you're using an API key and going over the maximum requests in parallel limit. By default, the limit is daily_request_limit / 10000 request points. Also, by default, it is not enforced: it only comes into effect if our security system notices that your requests significantly overload our servers on a constant basis. This limit supersedes the 5 requests per second limit for premium API plans (which was also not enforced automatically). Example: if you're on a 5000 requests per day plan and do some daily calculations like fetching xpub balances right after the midnight, please try doing this in 2-3 app instances in parallel instead of spawning 1000 instances trying to complete the process in 10 seconds.
18 août 2021

API Changelog v.2.0.85

Enhancements to the Bitcoin-like and Ethereum-like dashboards

  • New hashrate dashboard for all Bitcoin-like and Ethereum-like chains:{:chain}/dashboards/hashrate that outputs the estimated hashrate by day. Example:
  • New difficulty dashboard for Bitcoin: It outputs:
    • All completed difficulty "periods" (2016 blocks each). status is completed, hashrate is the estimated average hashrate within the period, avg_block_time is the average time between blocks in seconds
    • The current difficulty period. status is ongoing
    • The next difficulty period. status is planned, start_time is the estimated time when the period will start based on the current hashrate and the number of blocks left in the current period, difficulty is the estimated difficulty for the next period, hashrate is the same as for the current period, avg_block_time is always 600 (10 minutes) as it's the target time between blocks