Search Engine for the Ethereum Blockchain Released by Blockchair

Blockchair developers present Ethereum search engine.

May 21, 2018, Moscow, Russia

Full-text search

Blockchains are uncharted territory for most search engines, but not for Blockchair. In addition to transaction data, many other interesting things can be found here. For instance, “The Hacker Manifesto” by Loyd Blankenship, news about the North and South Korea reconciliation and even marriage proposals! These data are stored in Ethereum transactions’ “input” field and in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash scripts, such as OP_RETURN, that are widely used by “decentralized Twitters”. It can never be changed or deleted. In addition to searching over Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash scripts’ data, Blockchair now allows to search over “extraData” and “input” fields of the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Seach Engine
Screenshot of the interface

1 interface – 3 blockchains

The unified search interface allows to search over 3 blockchains: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum by one query. Users who use public blockchains for data notarization, proof of ownership or land registries should not be burdened by storing transaction hashes. Users can find these transactions based on data recorded in them and not vice versa.

Sorting and filtering

Finding the largest transaction by value transferred is impossible for the traditional banking system. For cryptocurrencies, due to blockchain’s transparency, this is possible, but not easy. Blockchair solves this problem by offering a one-click solution.

Here are some examples:

In addition to the monetary data, sorting and filtering by technical data are useful for technology experts:

Data Export

Sorted and filtered data can be obtained in CSV, TSV and JSON. It can be used by analysts for various purposes. For example, to find correlations between the data from the blockchain and its cryptocurrency or token price, or for data visualization. Data export for non-commercial purposes is offered for free.

Market breaking changes:

  • Full-text search;
  • Sorting and filtering;
  • Unified interface for multiple blockchains;
  • Different types of data export.

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