Blockchair Launches Its New Service Blockchair.Whitepapers

Blockchair launched its new service Blockchair.Whitepapers – a search engine for whitepapers of blockchain projects.

November 2, 2017, Moscow, Russia

One of the priority tasks that Blockchair developers set for themselves when creating the service is the constant updating of information. Blockchair.Whitepapers monitors all relevant blockchain projects including both cryptocurrencies and ICOs. There are already hundreds of ICOs of various types and it is extremely hard to sort them out. Blockchair.Whitepapers is here to help. This service is a convenient place to find suitable tokens from different areas using specified tags, for instance, real estate, ecology, etc. It could be useful for venture investors who are looking for projects to invest in.

Right now Blockchair.Whitepapers indexes almost 1000 whitepapers, but the plan is to gather whitepapers for all blockchain projects. In addition, the whitepaper list is open for editing. By clicking the link below, you can find information on how to add new whitepapers:

Screenshot of the Blockchair.Whitepapers interface

The link to the service:

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