Blockchair Builds an Explorer for Bitcoin Cash, Reaches an Agreement with the Bitcoin Cash Community

Blockchair has reached an agreement with the Bitcoin Cash community regarding support of Bitcoin Cash on the platform.

August 1, 2017, Moscow, Russia

On August 1st, Bitcoin Cash or – as the people behind that project call it – a new version of Bitcoin will be launched. A new cryptocurrency, that is planned to have a bigger block size than Bitcoin, was unveiled by Bitcoin ABC (a full node implementation of Bitcoin Cash) lead developer Amaury Séchet.

“The success of a coin depends not only on the quality of the coin itself, but also on the richness of its ecosystem. This includes wallets, exchanges, merchants and so much more. By providing an easy and convenient way to verify transactions from the web at any time, block explorers like Blockchair are a must have tool in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem,” – he said.

All holders of Bitcoin will receive equivalent funds in Bitcoin Cash today at noon. Under the agreement with the Bitcoin Cash community, Blockchair will support Bitcoin Cash on the day of the fork. The explorer will be available at:

In addition to the foregoing, Blockchair has announced that it has opportunity to expand its functionality. Blockchair is ready to cooperate with any cryptocurrency communities on support of their coins or tokens on the platform. In case you would like to add your coin or token to Blockchair platform, please contact at

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