Blockchair Works Towards Becoming the Google of Blockchain World, Receives Bitmain’s Backing

Blockchair, a Bitcoin blockchain search and analytics engine has announced plans to support Ethereum, receives support from well-known cryptocurrency hardware company, Bitmain.

July 21, 2017, Moscow, Russia

The new-age blockchain explorer, search, and analytics engine, Blockchair offering support for Bitcoin network has gained the attention of leading cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, Bitmain. The platform, backed by Bitmain has also announced its intention to include support for Ethereum blockchain in the coming days.

The Blockchair search and analytics engine can be considered as a “blockchain explorer on steroids”. The platform allows users to query the Bitcoin blockchain, filter blocks, transactions, and outputs, by over 60 different criteria. The platform also allows customers to run a full-text search over the blockchain. By replicating it with Ethereum blockchain, Blockchair is soon going to offer the same benefits to the Ethereum community as well.

Blockchair‘s long-term mission is to become the blockchain equivalent of Google. The company’s next priority is to create private APIs for traders, which will make it possible for them to integrate blockchain analytics into trading algorithms. Blockchair also provides researchers with a way to batch export data from blockchains.

The in-depth analytics of the Bitcoin blockchain offered by Blockchair’s algorithm has a wide-range of applications and it can be utilized to detect trading patterns and generate trading signals with significant accuracy. Currently most traders base their trading decisions on factors like market depth, order history, etc. Trading platforms and other cryptocurrency applications can utilize the open APIs provided by Blockchair to create querying, prediction and trading signals tools within their platforms. Eventually, Blockchair intends to position itself as a platform similar to Bloomberg Terminal for digital assets.

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