Privacy-o-meter for Bitcoin Transactions

Privacy score result
for the transaction:

Matched addresses identified

Using several indicators we were able to link the similar types of addresses involved in this transaction. We identified which of the recipient addresses possibly belong to one or more senders. Such matching significantly reduces the anonymity of addresses.
Matched inputs & outputs
0.01835418 BTC 704.47 USD
0.00016573 BTC 8.29 USD
0.09467448 BTC 3,544.71 USD
0.01227887  BTC 450.82  USD
0.00074016  BTC 27.18  USD
0.00301843  BTC 110.82  USD
0.00150400  BTC 55.22  USD
0.00027307  BTC 10.03  USD
0.00045610  BTC 16.75  USD
0.02459470  BTC 902.99  USD
0.00136381  BTC 50.07  USD
0.00447748  BTC 164.39  USD
0.02812785  BTC 1,032.71  USD
0.01332998  BTC 489.41  USD
0.01949661  BTC 715.82  USD
0.00305333  BTC 112.10  USD

Issues that are possible to fix

Unless it's a CoinJoin transaction it's safe to assume that all input addresses belong to one person
How to improve?
Try not to send a BTC amount higher than you hold on one of your addresses. If you value your privacy on Bitcoin more than the transaction costs, then opt to send more transactions. Your addresses will not be linked to each other.
We use 100+ indicators to measure the privacy scores of Bitcoin transactions.

In some cases the score may be improved, while some indicators are dependent on the software used to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. Such privacy issues are not possible to fix unless the user changes the app or website used.
Critical - The identified issues are significantly endangering the privacy of the parties involved. Usually, the critical score is shown when it is possible to group the addresses that belong to the same owner or when the transaction has a lot of privacy issues.

Low - The identified issues are severely jeopardizing the privacy of the parties involved. Usually the Low score is assigned to the transactions with a lot of privacy issues.

Moderate - The identified issues are not that severe but can still be used by tracking tools to trace your transactions.

High - The identified issues are negligible and do not pose a serious threat to the privacy of involved parties/addresses.

Healthy - The transaction has no privacy issues. Third parties can’t extract any privacy-related information about the transaction or addresses involved.