General info

Hash (txid)
Block Id
58250113636 confirmations
Time (UTC)
2019-05-15 18:12(3 months ago)
  • Input total0.00008122 BSV
  • Fee0.00000428 BSV
  • Output total0.00007694 BSV
  • Coindays destroyed0.00

Technical details

  • Input count / Output count1 / 2
  • Fee per byte1 satoshi
  • Size (bytes)422
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  • Fee per kB0.00001014 BSV
  • Is it a coinbase transaction?NO
  • Lock time0
  • Version110
Other blockchain explorers
  • OP_RETURNMemo protocol
  • Post memo Today only proved again how resilient Bitcoin Cash is. I'd like to see any other coin get attacked as much as BCH and survive. If BCH is going to topple the current financial system, it needs to be tested. #dailymemo
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