General info

Hash (txid)
Block Id
58259113546 confirmations
Time (UTC)
2019-05-16 07:48(3 months ago)
  • Input total0.00004693 BSV
  • Fee0.00000427 BSV
  • Output total0.00004266 BSV
  • Coindays destroyed0.00

Technical details

  • Input count / Output count1 / 2
  • Fee per byte1 satoshi
  • Size (bytes)421
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  • Fee per kB0.00001014 BSV
  • Is it a coinbase transaction?NO
  • Lock time0
  • Version110
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  • OP_RETURNMemo protocol
  • Post memo TL;DR: No one in the crypto ecosystem will ever say 15 May 2019 was boring. Mere minutes into the scheduled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade, an unrelated bug was found, timed to be exploited for maximum negative
0.00000000 BSVUnspent