General info
Hash (txid)
Block Id 551966 39473 confirmations
Time (UTC) 2018-10-13 06:38 (9 months ago)
Coindays destroyed 0.00
Input count 1
Output count 2
Input total 0.00007154 BSV 0.03 USD
Output total 0.00006725 BSV 0.03 USD
Fee 0.00000429 BSV 0.00 USD
Fee per kB 0.00001017 BSV 0.00 USD
Technical details
Is it a coinbase transaction? NO
Size (bytes) 422
Lock time 0
Version 110

Memo protocol

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Post memo How could you see that as repeating my earlier points? Are you reading something else and then replying to the wrong comment? That I could understand. I was correcting you this time.
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