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Total nodes: 22

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Node versions

User agent Count
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.11/ 8
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.0/ 3
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.4/ 2
/Bitcoin SV: 2
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.8/ 1
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.7/ 1
/Bitcoin SV:0.1.0(EB128.0; bitcoin-sv)/ 1
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.1/ 1
/Bitcoin SV:0.2.1(EB2000.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin SV:1.0.9/ 1
/Bitcoin SV:0.1.0(EB128.0)/ 1
Total rows: 11

Block heights

Block id Count
Total rows: 7