General info
Hash (txid)
Block Id 547527 32297 confirmations
Time (UTC) 2018-09-12 09:40 (7 months ago)
Coindays destroyed 0.00
Input count 1
Output count 2
Input total 0.00001925 BCH 0.01 USD
Output total 0.00001496 BCH 0.01 USD
Fee 0.00000429 BCH 0.00 USD
Fee per kB 0.00001019 BCH 0.00 USD
Technical details
Is it a coinbase transaction? NO
Size (bytes) 421
Lock time 0
Version 110

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Post memo From 25,000 to 2.5M daily tx are two orders of magnitude. 100x. BCH as is can take any media hysteria in the short term (2 years). And easy fix of burst relay gets us to 8M daily tx.
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