General info
Hash (txid)
Block Id 582718 4948 confirmations
Time (UTC) 2019-05-15 21:07 (a month ago)
Coindays destroyed 0.00
Input count 1
Output count 2
Input total 0.00120358 BCH 0.47 USD
Output total 0.00119933 BCH 0.47 USD
Fee 0.00000425 BCH 0.00 USD
Fee per kB 0.00001012 BCH 0.00 USD
Technical details
Is it a coinbase transaction? NO
Size (bytes) 420
Lock time 0
Version 110

Memo protocol

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Post memo it is engraved here on the blockchain that I was able to share to everyone that it was the start of the Bull-Run. Though I have also asked many experts if it was just a Bull-trap, So far, so good and keep pumping!
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