General info

Hash (txid)
Block Id
595741774 confirmations
Time (UTC)
2019-08-14 11:39(5 days ago)
  • Input total0.07547900 BCH
  • Fee0.00000404 BCH
  • Output total0.07547496 BCH
  • Coindays destroyed0.00

Technical details

  • Input count / Output count1 / 2
  • Fee per byte1 satoshi
  • Size (bytes)396
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  • Fee per kB0.00001020 BCH
  • Is it a coinbase transaction?NO
  • Lock time0
  • Version110
Other blockchain explorers
  • OP_RETURNMemo protocol
  • Topic .cash
  • Post topic message Listing descriptions discussions regarding internet services and websites which use the TLD .cash Hopefully this can be be useful for finding sites and services based upon BCH
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