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Blocks: 654,922
Transactions: 582,672,089

Txs per second: 2.37

Latest block: 35 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 104.49 Eh/s
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Blocks: 11,167,486
Transactions: 886,656,547

Txs per second: 6.00

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Ethash): 278.61 Th/s
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Ledgers: 59,239,595
24h transactions: 163,991

Unconfirmed txs: 36
Txs per second: 1.90

Latest ledger: a few seconds ago
Volume 24h: 19,908,772 XRP
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Blocks: 659,554
Transactions: 292,232,293

Txs per second: 0.32

Latest block: 27 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 1.91 Eh/s
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Blocks: 4,892,132
Transactions: 2,882,896

Current epoch: 226
Current slot: 349,695

Latest block: a few seconds ago
24h transactions: 3,138
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Blocks: 659,324
Transactions: 529,571,567

Txs per second: 2.05

Latest block: 23 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 1.54 Eh/s
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Blocks: 1,938,959
Transactions: 53,188,983

Txs per second: 1.38

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Scrypt): 167.28 Th/s
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Blocks: 0

RAM allocated: 7 GB / 20 GB 36%
EOS staked: 509М / 1,024М 49.72%

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Latest producer: starteosiobp
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Blocks: 1,195,825
Operations: 33,612,230

Operations 24h: 37,298
Volume 24h: 5,191,073 XTZ

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Txs per second: 0.43
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Ledgers: 32,378,280
24h transactions: 930,433

Operations 24h: 2,114,472
Txs per second: 10.77

Latest ledger: a few seconds ago
Failed txs 24h: 176,088
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Blocks: 2,220,629
Transactions: 9,524,070

Unconfirmed txs: 131
Txs per second: 0.19

Latest block: 12 minutes ago
Hashrate (RandomX): 1.49 Gh/s
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Blocks: 1,364,096
Transactions: 29,865,054

Txs per second: 0.33

Latest block: 4 minutes ago
Hashrate (X11): 7.78 Ph/s
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Blocks: 1,026,240
Transactions: 7,325,054

Txs per second: 0.05

Latest block: 2 minutes ago
Hashrate (Equihash): 5.99 Gs/s
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Blocks: 3,462,641
Transactions: 66,829,707

Txs per second: 0.27

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Scrypt): 187.55 Th/s
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Snapshots: 38,230,461
24h transactions: 85,000

Latest snapshot: a few seconds ago
Txs per second: 0.98
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Blocks: 3,320,844
Transactions: 4,378,572

Txs per second: 0.00

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Groestl): 70.45 Th/s
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