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Blocks: 650,577
Transactions: 573,063,493

Txs per second: 2.42

Latest block: 32 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 132.52 Eh/s
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Blocks: 10,960,616
Transactions: 852,342,699

Txs per second: 3.87

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Ethash): 273.89 Th/s
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Ledgers: 58,521,516
24h transactions: 342,385

Unconfirmed txs: 54
Txs per second: 3.96

Latest ledger: a few seconds ago
Volume 24h: 198,037,832 XRP
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Blocks: 655,009
Transactions: 291,583,113

Txs per second: 0.15

Latest block: 16 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 2.74 Eh/s
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Blocks: 4,755,364
Transactions: 2,767,788

Current epoch: 220
Current slot: 183,062

Latest block: a few seconds ago
24h transactions: 3,756
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Blocks: 654,773
Transactions: 506,249,214

Txs per second: 0.18

Latest block: 24 minutes ago
Hashrate (SHA-256): 2.55 Eh/s
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Blocks: 1,921,643
Transactions: 49,884,175

Txs per second: 1.78

Latest block: 2 minutes ago
Hashrate (Scrypt): 293.31 Th/s
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Blocks: 0

RAM allocated: 8 GB / 20 GB 38%
EOS staked: 508М / 1,023М 49.63%

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Latest producer:
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Blocks: 1,150,168
Operations: 31,942,856

Operations 24h: 41,466
Volume 24h: 3,899,522 XTZ

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Txs per second: 0.48
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Ledgers: 31,860,195
24h transactions: 967,813

Operations 24h: 2,473,554
Txs per second: 11.20

Latest ledger: a few seconds ago
Failed txs 24h: 129,636
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Blocks: 2,197,676
Transactions: 9,007,738

Unconfirmed txs: 15
Txs per second: 0.07

Latest block: 4 minutes ago
Hashrate (RandomX): 1.41 Gh/s
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Blocks: 1,346,593
Transactions: 29,039,371

Txs per second: 0.17

Latest block: 2 minutes ago
Hashrate (X11): 5.21 Ph/s
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Blocks: 989,640
Transactions: 7,151,731

Txs per second: 0.03

Latest block: 3 minutes ago
Hashrate (Equihash): 6.61 Gs/s
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Blocks: 3,418,899
Transactions: 65,528,383

Txs per second: 0.38

Latest block: 2 minutes ago
Hashrate (Scrypt): 252.13 Th/s
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Snapshots: 35,564,297
24h transactions: 90,000

Latest snapshot: a few seconds ago
Txs per second: 1.04
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Blocks: 3,277,096
Transactions: 4,330,460

Txs per second: 0.00

Latest block: a few seconds ago
Hashrate (Groestl): 75.34 Th/s
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